Tomato time

Our tastebuds have waited impatiently for the tomatoes to get ripe and this spring we have a bumper crop!


You may have enjoyed them the past couple of weeks at Railway Cafe and The Cherry Laurel.   If so, this is your chance to take some home.

We’ll be at Athens Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning (that’s Saturday, June 25) with a huge supply of heirlooms including slicers, cherry tomatoes and those great San Marzano sauce tomatoes.

We’ll also have jalapenos, anaheim peppers, garlic and onions so you can go home and create beautiful salsa or sauce, if that’s your style.

We’ll bring some pretty Flavorburst bell peppers, a sweet Hungarian pepper and a real treat from Macedonia – the Ajvarski roasting pepper.

The long purple Fengyuan eggplant and some Listada d’Gandia (beautiful white w/purple streaks) are perfect for grilling or a quick ratatouille.  We’ll even supply a recipe or two.

We’ll bring red (mountain rose), white (yukon gold) and blue (purple majesty) potatoes so you can make a patriotic potato salad for the 4th and fresh onions and garlic, too.

Dragon Tongue beans and Red Noodle beans, kohlrabi and bulb fennel round out the offerings for the day.

This is likely our only visit to the market this summer and the best chance you’ll find for picking up some of those heirloom tomatoes at the peak of season.   Hope we see you there!


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