Tomato Sale!

Wow!  The tomatoes are really doing their thing right now!  We have more tomatoes than even our great restaurants can use up.  More than I can turn into tomato sauce, paste and catsup.

San Marzano tomatoes 2017

So this week our delicious San Marzano tomatoes (yes, these are grown in Athens, TX – not Italy) are available for just $1/lb.   You’ll know we don’t grow in bulk and don’t sell wholesale, so this price is one we’ve never offered.    We have 100 lbs to turn in the next three days.    If you need some, send me a note at

I thank you.  My kitchen thanks you.  My husband, who would love to reclaim the kitchen table for dinner, thanks you.



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  1. Posted by Cynthia Cook on June 22, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Hi Barbara – it’s Cynthia Cook – not sure if you remember me from Athens (I am in Dallas now). Nonetheless, I have a colleague ( T Hanson) who would like to purchase 40lbs. She works in Dallas but lives in Forney and may be abel to drive out to your farm, or are you in Dallas with your CSA? Copying T on this email to connect you two. >



    • Posted by Barbara on June 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

      Hi, Cynthia. Thanks so much! I can arrange to send 40 lbs. To her to pick up from Jennifer at her Farmer’s Market in Dallas on Saturday, if that would work. If she would like to coordinate, give her my email address:.



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