We can’t be at the market every week, as much as we miss seeing you all.


Black Krim and Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes.
Black Krim and Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes.

You’ll find our heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee and Black Krim)  for sale out at Athens Organic Supply – just about a mile outside the loop on Hwy 31 toward Tyler.   BLUEBERRIES, too!

Hope you’ll stop and get some!  And we’ll see you next week (a special July 4 First Monday) at the market!

Reader Comments

  1. If you can put out a nice email like this, why can’t the market?? The beets are turning dark red and both have developed little bubbles, but water locks are not moving??? Weird, maybe not enough volume to move the lock. Will be interesting to see results.

  2. You just described my beets and turnips exactly. (For those of you who wonder, Faith and I spent a great afternoon setting some veggies to ferment.) They sure look beautiful! I can’t wait to get to try them!

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