August garden

When we think about being able to eat fresh from the garden throughout the year, it’s all about planning ahead and dealing with the weather, whether hot or cold.

The garden in August isn’t as lush and green as it was during the spring peak.  Heat and pests take a toll and as various plants mature, they are more into production than showing off lush foliage.   Still, as we look through the garden, there is a pretty good amount to choose from for dinner and even more beginning to grow into a fall garden.

Here’s a look through the garden today.

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We’re always thinking 2 or 3 months ahead in terms of planting.  What veggies are there that are willing to germinate in summer heat and mature in the cooler fall weather that is around the corner?   Those are the veggies we will be planting this week.

This week will close the very short window for planting for a smaller fall Irish potato crop.   Since it is so difficult to find commercial seed potatoes in the fall, we usually save some of our spring crop just for this.    We’ll be planting early varieties of fingerling potatoes and a few yukon golds – and then crossing our fingers for the ‘just right’ temperatures it will take to bring in a crop.

We’ll also be planting the delicious Sugar Ann snow peas, Calima french beans, lettuces, mustard greens, mizuna and arugula.   We’ll add a few more summer squashes and some early producing winter squash to fill out those rows.   We’ll even try a couple of fall cherry tomatoes.

In early September we’ll set out spinach, cabbages, kohlrabi, radicchio, kale, broccoli and cauliflower.

And later. in October and November, we’ll already be starting seed for spring onions and leeks, and setting out garlic and shallots.

Once the heat breaks – hopefully just two or three weeks away, the garden should be in full bloom again.

Don’t forget – this coming weekend is First Monday – and we’ll be back at the great Athens, TX Farmer’s Market.   I’ll let you know later in the week what we plan to bring.  Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “August garden”

  1. Barb, if you can find them, please plant some daikon radishes. They are really good to eat but are wonderful in fermented veggies. See you Sat.

  2. Thanks, Faith. I have the seed and will wait just a couple more weeks to plant them. The ones I planted during the heat of summer were so hot they would burn a hole in a steel plate. We’ll try again for a cool weather crop. 🙂

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