First Monday – First Spring Market!

Market is opening a whole month earlier this year!  And we’ll be there with super-fresh spring greens for your special Easter dinner.


This Winter Density lettuce is so beautiful, it almost hurt my feelings to take it out of the garden!  This variety is a dark green romaine with a texture almost like a butterhead lettuce.  What a pleasure for those spring salad bowls.

We’ll have the season’s best mixed baby kales and some beautiful young swiss chard.  We even have several heads of a gentle little salad green called ‘corn salad’.

If you’d prefer to grow your own, we have some salad baskets planted for you with two unique romaines – a bright green one called ‘Crisp Mint and a deep red ‘Garnet Rose’.  Talk about a pretty basket!

If you are an herb tea drinker, you’ll recognize an herb called ‘rooibos’, – it makes a zingy red tea with a natural sweetness.  It is made from a flower in the hibiscus family called “Thai Roselle”.   And we’ll have these young starts for sale along with basil, chamomile and a few Cherokee Purple tomato starts.

We do hope to see you there!  What a way to bring in spring!

[Edit:  I just realized I made a mistake here.  Rooibos is a different plant altogether.  The Red Thai Roselle we have for sale is the primary ingredient in Celestial Brand “Red Zinger” tea.  Both red.  Both tea.  Both full of antioxidants.  Both delicious.  But different.   So sorry if I misled anyone….]

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