Garden Plans

And the time is now.


Q.  When should I do a soil test on my garden soil?

A.  Now.   It will take 2-3 weeks to get the results back from a lab (end of December).   If you want to start a spring garden, you’ll be starting to plant some veggies before the end of January.   Some of the organic soil amendments you might want to use need to be incorporated about a month before planting.  Do the math.

Q.  When should I plan my garden and order seeds, etc.?

A.  Now.  You need to plant most seeds 2-3 months before you hope to harvest.   Want spring greens and cool weather veggies starting in March?  Do the math.

Q.  What happened to winter down-time from the garden?

A.  Folks who have that aren’t blessed with living in East Texas.

However, during colder months, we at least don’t need to start our garden days quite so early.  So it’s a little easier to make time for coffee and friends.

Speaking of which, I’ll be taking my garden planning (and dreaming) down to the coffee shop at Athens Organic Supply on Hwy 31 E on Tuesday mornings about 9:00 AM for the next few weeks.     I hope you’ll come join me for a cup and a chat.  We can talk about…. gardens! (Yours, mine or the ones we dream about)  Or anything else we choose.

Friends do that sometimes.

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