Home again

I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend some time with parents the past couple of weeks.  It was good for all of us.   But I must say, it felt really good to get back into the garden this morning!

The plants really appreciated the rain yesterday!  Everything comes alive after a rain in a way that regular watering just never brings.  Isn’t the fresh Thai basil beautiful?!  It’s aroma therapy for the kitchen.  I never get tired of the fragrance.

We’ll have Red Ripper peas, lots of peppers – both baby bells and hot varieties, long purple and white eggplant, and a bit of burgundy okra.  Sweet basil, Thai basil , arugula and a bit of fresh baby kale leaves.  Only a couple of bags of kale, so shop early if that’s on your list.

We’ll have local, raw, unfiltered honey from the Kaufman Farm again, too.

See you tomorrow!  And thanks for supporting the market!