Hot! Hot! Hot!

It’s deep summer in Texas.  We know that when the AC runs 24/7 trying to bring the indoor temperature down to a livable range.

And this is EXACTLY the right time to plant a fall garden!  We are so blessed in East Texas to be able to actually have fresh local produce all year long.  We earn it with the extra sweat, but it is a blessing still.   If you’d like to talk about what you can plant and how the challenges of a fall garden differ from the spring, meet me out at Athens Organic Supply on Hwy 31 just east of Athens at 9:00 AM Saturday (tomorrow).  We’ll talk about how to fertilize an organic garden, what to plant, how to get seeds to germinate in Texas heat, why it’s so darn tricky to get a fall potato crop to come in, how to use row cover for shade, for insect control, to extend the season, to protect crops from wind/storms, how to set up re-usable trellises – and anything else you want to talk about.  And it’ll be FUN! 

And yes, we’ll be at the Athens Farmer’s Market this weekend, too.  Jeff will be minding the store while I’m off doing what I love almost as much as gardening – talking.

Egyptian Spinach (molokhia)
Egyptian Spinach (molokhia)

This is the Egyptian Spinach (Molokhia), that we use in our summer mixed greens mix.  It grows about as tall as the okra and is quite pretty.   In fact, Molokhia is the Moroccan term for okra.   The smaller leaves are quite tasty.  And if we get tired of eating it, maybe we can learn to make jute from the stems (think ‘burlap’).  It’s the same plant.

It’s still prime season for summer greens, eggplant, peppers, okra, melons and more.    We don’t have a great amount of any given veggie, so shop early for a good selection and then come on out to Athens Organic and talk shop.

See you there!