In the good ol’ summer time….

Wow.  Last week we started market at 68 deg or so.  A beautiful late spring day.

Now it’s summer.  Full fledged.

The garden knows it, too.   And with the beginning of summer comes the transition garden.  I’ve been sharing with you all the beauty of the spring garden.  It’s been glorious this year.  But gardens teach us, among many other things, that each living thing has its time.   Maybe today it’s time to look through a transition garden.  A look at some of the endings as well as some of the beginnings.

Potatoes that were beautiful a few short weeks ago are dying back. They’ve accomplished their prime directive: make more potatoes. And it’s time to quit and make room for something else.

Spring onions have finally announced the end of their cycle.  They are ready to dig (and cure for longer storage.) Squash bugs and powdery mildew have taken their toll on the summer squash – but not until after they produced many, many pounds of good eating for us all.

This, of course, is good news all around. The onions and potatoes will be at market again this week. And the space they had in the garden will be taken by a new crop of garbanzo beans (think yummy hummus) and soybeans (edamame). The onions will be replaced by those delicious little french soleil beans we brought last year. And on it goes through the rest of the garden. Spring greens will give way soon to equally delicious summer treats, including egyptian and strawberry spinach. And there are plenty of heirloom tomatoes, okra (we cut the first of the new crop today!), red ripper peas, peppers, eggplant and sweet corn still to come. Never fear. Summer will see some great gardens this year!

For this week, we’ll have the great dragon tongue beans, along with old-fashioned Contender green beans. Beets and turnip greens, multi-colored carrots, fingerling potatoes and the last of the spring onions (with green tops).  Plenty of Kale, Swiss Chard and Buttercrunch lettuce along with some fresh bags of mixed greens.  Cabbages and kohlrabi.

We’ll bring summer squash this week, but it may be the last for a while until the late crop comes in.  Butternut and buttercup ‘winter’ squash, too.  Fresh basil, spearmint and chocolate mint – the summer herbs are just now taking off.

It may be warm tomorrow, but the veggies will be just-picked fresh!

See you in the morning!