Me 1, Bunnies 0

See the new bunny fence?

See the beautiful edamame soybeans growing safely inside the bunny fence?

See me smile?

Okay, I know better than to trash talk the bunnies.  They’ll be joining forces with the gophers and we’ll have real challenges!  Mother Nature usually finds a way to put me in my place.  But it does feel good to finally see the soybeans growing so well.

We had our first plate of fresh edamame with dinner tonight, along with stuffed cubanelle peppers.  Sweet and delicious!  There won’t be much this week, so shop early.

The kale is trying to make a comeback with the cooler weather – and I’m letting it try since the new fall kale won’t be ready for a few weeks yet.   We’ll have plenty of Red Ripper peas; burgundy okra, cut small so it’s just right to use whole for pickling or stews; serrano, tabasco and anaheim peppers for heat; cubanelle, marconi and bell peppers for sweet salads and for stuffing; eggplant;  a few late watermelons, and with luck, the first of the fall squashes.

Of course, we’ll bring both sweet and Thai basil, and arugula.  And, for the first time, a little New Zealand spinach along with some Malabar spinach.  These last two are not really like our regular spinach, and, of course, they aren’t really spinach – but they do have a similar taste and enjoy the Texas summer heat.  If you’re looking for something different to explore, one of these might be just what you’re after.

We’ve been highlighting honey from the Kaufman Farm recently.  They keep a hive out on our garden site along with others around the Lake Athens area.  It’s local, raw, and unfiltered.  And so very good!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!