Note to self:

Never leave a garden unattended for more than a day.

It explodes when you do that.

Right after market last week, I left for a short visit with my Dad.   There were a few tiny cucumbers and a few tiny squashes on vines that were just beginning to warm up.  I was even pretty much on target with weeding, etc.  And then I left town for 4 days.

And it rained.

I’m pretty sure it must have rained squashes.

Summer Squash Explosion!

We’ll have a nice selection at market this week:  white and gold pattypan, gold zuchinni, buttercup and tatume.  Tatume (calabacita)  is an ancient heirloom.  Archeologists tell us it has been growing in meso-America for 8,000 years or so.  It is also one of the most versatile and delicious squashes we could have chosen for the garden.   Easy to see why it is a staple in Mexican cooking.  Tatume can be harvested young, as a summer squash, and can be used as you would any other: boiled, fried, grilled, roasted, added to baked goods, frittatas, omelets and casseroles.  It has a flavor similar to other summer squash, but a firm texture that lends itself to great grilling.   If picked at maturity, (I understand it grows to the size of a soccer ball) it hardens to save for later as what we normally call a ‘winter’ squash.  You and I will have to learn about that together.

Need some green garlic or fresh Texas sweet onions to go with it?  We’ll have that too.  In fact, we’ll let you select just what you need for your recipe and ‘build-a-basket’ to suit yourself.

New potatoes might be another fresh idea.  We’ll have Yukon Gold, Purple Viking and new French Fingerlings.  Purple Viking is one most people haven’t had an opportunity to try.  It has a beautiful pink/purple skin and a smooth textured, pure white interior.  It’s good for baking, mashing and makes some great gourmet home fries.

New Potatoes!
New Potatoes!

Greens are still doing well and we’ll have beautiful rainbow chard, mixed lettuce, bloomsdale spinach, New Zealand spinach, Dragon Tongue mustard, arugula, turnip greens and kale. Pink Beauty and White hailstone radishes have a great radish flavor without a strong ‘bite’. Chiogga and Red Early Wonder beets – maybe a few Golden beets, too.

We’re still waiting for some of the other summer fare.  The Cherokee Purples and Black Krim tomatoes are finally blooming.  Green and yellow dragon tongue beans will be ready in another week or so, and even the okra is finally starting to grow.  It’s been a slow start, but we’re in for some real treats!

Can’t wait to see you Saturday to kick off your Memorial Day weekend with some Garden Fresh Veggies!