Peppers, Peas and Peppermint

Peter Piper would be happy! We have plenty of peas and peppers for him to pick right now! Summer veggies are so great! Red Ripper Peas, Leeks, Sweet peppers, Okra, mild “Hatch” type chili peppers, bell peppers, and Japanese Eggplant. And some beautiful fresh peppermint for tea, garnish or flavoring. Find them all at the market stand this weekend at the great Athens, TX Farmer’s Market! Saturday morning, 8 – 12.  Hwy 19 in downtown Athens, just north of the square.


We’re sorry to say, Gopher Knoll will no longer be able to supply kale, chard or other cut greens this fall – either at market or in our CSA. Apparently, these are listed by the State Health Dept. as “high risk” veggies.

Before we can provide cut greens, we are required by law to assure your safety by paying for an appropriate permit and setting up a “temporary food establishment”. That’s a lot to bear for a small garden such as ours, so it remains to be seen whether we will be offering them in the future.

In the meantime, you might choose to grow your own! It’s easier than you think and the plants are plenty attractive to work in to your landscape or suitable for growing in containers on the back patio. Come see us at the market Saturday and we’ll talk!

We’ll re-plan fall plantings to include more head lettuces and romaines to fill our need for leafy greens.  Greens like turnips, collards, spinach, mustard, mizuna, arugula, and pak choy must be harvested as whole plants, but they will still be available. This change will likely set the dates for the fall CSA back a couple of weeks. We’ll let you know when we’re sure of production.

See you Saturday morning! You’ll find us right beside Henrietta! (Hint:  Don’t hurt her feelings by calling her ‘old’.   She prefers ‘vintage’.)

2 thoughts on “Peppers, Peas and Peppermint”

  1. Faith M. Temple

    Hi Barb, Another Big Brother move by the government and the big ag groups that don’t want anyone to provide good food for the public. I could go on and on, but I know you feel the same. Guess I will have to figure out how to grow the stuff. Love you for all your efforts. See you tomorrow. Faith

  2. And we wonder why it’s so hard to find local, organic food. Or why it tends to be a little more expensive. Love you, too! For understanding and for caring!

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Here’s hoping we stay a little cooler after the rain passes. 🙂

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