Spring Rain

And we’re grateful.  Really, we are.

But, could we have a little break now?   The lakes are full.  The ground is soaked.

And we are trying to take advantage of the little breaks to get the garden going.   We had a load of compost delivered yesterday.   It was more challenging than we planned.

Stuck compost truck.

A very large, very stuck truck.

WreckerThis is the very large wrecker that came to rescue the very large, very stuck truck.

Unloading CompostThis is the very large load of compost – too wet to actually slide out of the truck.

second wrecker

This is the not-quite-so-large second wrecker, helping the very big wrecker up a very slick slope.

I think I can.  I think I can…..

Now that we have compost, we can finish preparing garden rows.  Once the ground dries enough to do that, that is.

Today, it’s raining again.

4 thoughts on “Spring Rain”

  1. Back in ’89, that is 1989 of course, we had our cove dredged and the tailings piled up on our swamp, that is, our intended beach. The guy came out too soon to spread out the “dirt.” The bulldozer got stuck and then his big truck when he tried to pull out the ‘dozer. It took one of those massive wreckers to get both out! I was at work so I missed the excitement. ;{(}

  2. Faith M. Temple

    I read this little story of yours as I left the gym this morning. Even on my little smart phone the pictures were impressive. I loved your narration. Did the two fellas with the shovels fill in the swimming pool size holes they made once they got out???? This is so serious that all you can do is sit down and laugh like an idiot to begin with,,,,,,,and then post a wonderful story for the rest of us to see. A picture book of life. Some of my alyssum sprouts are 5″ tall and trying to fall over. The collards are doing the same. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to put the bigger ones out in my raised bed. Hmmm!

    I am praying for some sunshine for you [?]


    1. “From your mouth to God’s ears”, as they say…

      I’m so glad your little sprouts are doing so well! I know we’ll see the sun soon – and I’ll likely be asking for ‘not too much’ of that, too. 🙂

      And yes! The driver from Ironhorse Unlimited came back out that afternoon and filled the holes and cleaned the mess as best possible. They handled the whole thing as professionally as I could ask. Very appreciative of them.

      I had no idea the ground could be so soft so high on the hill and not in what we thought was a drainage area. We underestimated the amount of water travelling through the ground right now, for sure.

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