Summer Dinners

Who wants a hot kitchen in the summer?   We’d usually rather depend on  cool salads, fruits and melons, and one-pot meals or meats and veggies we can take outside to the grill.   What a coincidence that this is exactly what grows in a summer garden!

Gourmet summer salad blend.
Gourmet summer salad blend.

How about this for your fresh salad?  It’s a rather exotic mix.   Red Romaine lettuce, sweet pak choy, New Zealand spinach (tetragonia), Molokhia, arugula, parsley, and salad burnet.  Lots of flavors and textures make this a fine salad mix any time of year.  But if you are summer-hungry for greens, it’s just what the taste buds are craving.  Add some fresh bell (or little sweet pickle peppers), a little goat cheese and a chunk or two of a Cherokee Purple tomato (garnished with a fresh pod of Zeebest okra)  – and it’s a summer salad that just can’t be beat.

Yes, I did say Cherokee Purple.  We have a few new big heirloom tomatoes ripening now – quite a nice suprise for mid-August heat.  We’ll also have a few more of the San Marzano sauce tomatoes – and some fresh basil to help you make that sauce or salad just right.

Red Ripper peas
Red Ripper peas

And then there are the Big Red Ripper Peas – a personal summer favorite.   Shell them, add some roasted ‘Hatch’ chili pepper, brown a bit of sausage or better yet, toss a ham hock in while they cook.  Make a little organic cornbread (yes, gluten-free) to soak up the juice.  I get hungry just thinking about it.  That’s called Texas comfort.  Soooo good!

We’ll also have  okra (Texas Hill Country Red, Burgundy and Stewart’s Zeebest), Dutch Kale, Japanese Eggplant, Rosa Bianca eggplant, fingerling potatoes, and sweet, fresh, naturally grown cantaloupe and crimson sweet watermelons.

It’ll be great to be back at the market!  See you in the morning!

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