Summer Garden Tour

Maybe you would enjoy another look through the garden as it basks in the summer sunshine.  Some things, like the kale and swiss chard,  are pretty much the same as our last visit; some are much more productive (think okra and eggplant), and others are in transition – either growing in as replacements where spring squashes and onions were finished or just pushing through the heat, like we are, so they can bring us more goodness later on.

It’s a fairly long show – but the garden is pretty busy still.

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We’ve been surprised at how well some of the veggies we thought were ‘winter’ crops have persisted through the summer so far.  You’ll see cabbage and kohlrabi along with the kale and chard.   Maybe we should say an extra ‘thank you’ for the mild weather and the rains we’ve had.

This week we planted two new rows of okra, more soy and garbanzo beans, and even some Anasazi beans and extra kale to see us all through fall and winter.  As these start their journey, the eggplants and okra, sauce tomatoes and Red Ripper peas,  “Hatch” chili peppers, bell peppers and some wonderful melons are just reaching their peak.  None of the big heirloom tomatoes this week – although the cool weather has brought us a good set of green tomatoes, so we hope to have them back a little later.

And there is still room to plant the fall garden next month.

All in all, it’s been a fine week!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the Market!

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