Summer ‘maters

That red blush I have lately isn’t sunburn.    Maybe it’s too many tomatoes.  Boy, they’re good in the summer!

Fresh peach salsa.  Pomodoro sauce (that’s the fancy name for good old homemade tomato sauce.)  Salads.  Some for snacking, some for slicing, some for making sun-dried tomatoes.  It’s sure hard to get any better.

San Marzano 2

We’re beginning to see the first real harvest of the San Marzano sauce tomatoes.  This variety originated in San Marzano, Italy and is renowned for exceptional flavor.  These are the same variety – but grown in good, East Texas sandy loam.  I can’t tell  you which is better, never having had the pleasure of a trip to taste the originals fresh off the vine.  But these are good.  Really.

And you’ll still have a week or two of good availability for the big Cherokee Purple and Black Krim slicing tomatoes.

Black Cherry, Hartmann’s Gooseberry and Sungold salad tomatoes.

We’ll have the last of the beets and carrots this week.  Last until fall brings us some cooler weather, that is.

All three kinds of okraTexas Hill Country Red, Burgundy and Stewart’s Zeebest.

Fingerling Potatoes and the last few of the spring crop of Texas Sweet onions.  Bell peppers and “Hatch” chili peppers.

Butternut Squash, fresh herbs, and last – but not least – those beautiful long purple Fengyuan Japanese Eggplant.  I’ll bring a recipe along for a wonderful grilling sauce for them, too.

As always, there’ll be a bit of Kale and New Zealand Spinach.  “maybe* some Swiss Chard.

See you in the morning!