We have good news and…..

More good news!

First, this has been an extremely fruitful week for tomatoes!  The big heirloom Cherokee Purple and Black Krim tomatoes are coming in by the basketful!  That’s good for you, because the tomatoes are beautiful and fresh – and the price will never be better!  How’s this for a fresh-from-the-garden tomato?!

Black Krim tomato

The black heirlooms always have some amount of green shoulders.  Inside, they have deep purple and red beefsteak appearance.  And the flavor is unbeatable.  Deep, full, and frequently with an almost smoky edge.  Come try a sample and you’ll be hooked!

We also have fresh-picked Sungold, Black Cherry and Hartmann’s Gooseberry salad tomatoes, along with the first of the San Marzano sauce tomatoes.

We’ll bring our gourmet fingerling mix potatoes, Texas sweet and red onions.  Dutch Blue Kale and New Zealand spinach are on tap for your deep green leafy fix. And the prettiest eggplants we’ve ever grown!  Rosa Bianca and Fengyuan Purple: both mild in flavor and bitter-free.

Super fresh (and beautiful!) Burgundy Okra, Texas Hill Country Red okra and Stewart’s Zeebest okra!  That should top off your 4th of July weekend in style!

We’ll have some of the pretty, if still small, Flavor Burst and Green bell peppers, and plenty of herbs (3 kinds of Basil, Chocolate Mint, Yerba Buena (spearmint), and Cilantro.)

Next week, the first of the Gopher Knoll cantaloupe and sweet corn!

Oh, and the other good news?

<trumpet fanfare plays here>

Beginning next week, you’ll find Gopher Knoll all-natural, chemical-free produce available during the week at Dana’s Health Food store in Athens!  It will be fresh-picked every morning and delivered straight to the store, so you’ll have access to  local, garden-fresh veggies just when you need them!  We’re excited for the opportunity and, always, grateful for your support!

See you at market tomorrow morning.  Come early while everything is sweet and fresh!