What to do with all those fresh veggies?

Ask Justin Boswell.

Chef extraordinaire (really!)  and owner of Railway Cafe in Athens.


Justin will be putting on another great cooking demo this Tuesday night – sponsored by the Henderson County Master Gardeners.   He will be at the First United Methodist Church, 225 Lover’s Lane in Athens.  6:00 P.M.

Justin came out to visit the garden today and he’ll have lots of fresh Gopher Knoll fall veggies in the mix to work his magic on. Sweet potato greens, radicchio, mustard and mizuna greens, chinese red noodle beans, purple pod green beans, pak choy, poblano and sweet peppers, daikon radish, green garlic, arugula, basil, mints, leeks, purslane and maybe a few more – along with whatever other good veggies he’s found.

It’s always fun (and delicious) to watch his talent at work – but part of Justin’s talent is his ability to create wonderful meals and treats that are within our reach as well.  It’s easier to cook with fresh veggies than you might think, and Justin and Deanna Boswell will give you the ideas to make your own culinary skill sparkle for the holidays.

They will be sharing their recipes.

And answering questions.

What an opportunity!    Sure hope to see you there!

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