Year round harvest!

This is the first year that we’ve actually been able to harvest through the winter.  I can’t tell you how sweet it is to know those fresh veggies are still out there waiting for me to decide what’s for dinner!

Jan harvest

These rutabaga and carrots will join some sweet potatoes and onions as a roasting bed for a beautiful dinner featuring local pastured chicken.

We’re working hard on refining the planting schedule so that we can continue to provide some fresh veggies to our local market throughout the year while allowing for each section of the garden to ‘rest’ with a cover crop for a portion of the year.   Another learning curve to climb, but we’re coming closer each year.   So grateful to live in such a wonderful gardening climate!

If you want to chat about gardens, I hope you’ll join me for a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee or tea) in the coffee shop at Athens Organic Supply on Tuesday mornings about 9:00 or so.  I’ll plan to be there for the next few weeks until spring garden season pulls us all away to play in the dirt.    Any garden topic (or pretty much other topic) is fair game for a morning’s conversation.   What could be more pleasant?

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    1. There is a sitting area w/ sofa and chairs now. Used to have gift type items in it. Very pleasant for a chat with two or three people. Lots of gardening magazines and reference materials. They are always changing things up! Love it!

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