Sweet Clover is here!

Just harvested a limited amount of sweet clover honey as well as some fantastic summer wildflower honey. Here’s what makes it so good! Maybe some of these are questions you didn’t even know to ask:…Continue Reading

When you hire a farmer…..

You know what you pay the skilled professionals who make your life easier?  An accountant?  Plumber?  Electrician?  Doctor?   This isn’t really a trick question.  We willingly pay these people to do jobs for us that…Continue Reading

Have a little faith!

Reprinted from February 2012. This one seemed appropriate to me, all over again. Hope you enjoy it, too. It’s garden time again in Texas.   We’ve already planted cool-loving potatoes and onions, spinach, carrots, lettuce…Continue Reading

Summer Leftovers

We’ve had a great summer break here on the knoll (that’s a ‘hill’ to most Texans).   Now. just as the weather begins to cool a bit, it’s time to get back out to the…Continue Reading