Sweet Clover is here!

Just harvested a limited amount of sweet clover honey as well as some fantastic summer wildflower honey. Here’s what makes it so good! Maybe some of these are questions you didn’t even know to ask:
  • Our bees only work at home here in Athens, TX. They don’t travel for pollination services to any other site, so they are not exposed to any disease, pesticides or parasites outside of our apiary.

* We don’t treat the hives with non-organic chemicals and never at all (even organically) when honey supers are on the hives.

* We harvest only the excess honey from each hive, leaving plenty of honey for the bees to see them through summer droughts or winter. We believe their own honey, which contains all the enzymes and micronutrients that make it healthy for you and I, will keep the bees healthier than feeding sugar water or corn syrup during those times.

*We don’t heat or filter our honey to give it a longer shelf life. We strain it only once to remove pieces of wax, etc. The honey in your jar is just as it came from the bees with no changes. 100% pure, raw and unfiltered.

*We plant a lot of forage for our bees. Bees will travel up to 3 miles from their hives looking for nectar sources – and can be exposed to pesticides or other hazards along the way. We try to keep ours close to home by planting lots of wildflowers, herbs, fruit, clovers and our large vegetable garden – all maintained without use of herbicides or pesticides. It tests free from glyphosate.

*We only sell our own honey from bees on our own property.

*Gopher Knoll is a member of the Real Texas Honey program (https://realtexashoney.com/ of the Texas Beekeepers Association – providing you with an extra level of confirmation that our honey really is LOCAL, 100% PURE, RAW and UNFILTERED. Look for the silver sticker on each jar.

*You will find our honey at several locations: in Athens at Dana’s Health Food, Cherry Laurel and The Gardens at Peaceful Valley; in Malakoff at HF Family Table and Mr. Sweettooth; in Canton at The Picket Fence. You can also order online from our website farm store (www.gopherknoll.com) or send a text to 903-279-9732 and we will arrange to deliver bulk purchases or special orders.*Watch this fall for our return to the Athens, TX Farmer’s Market!

Thank you for supporting local agriculture and building a strong, local food economy. We so appreciate the love and support we’ve had from our community and it is our mission to provide you with exceptional product and service.

Did I answer your question? If not, feel free to post below and I’ll do my best to answer.