It’s finally here!

Our first day at Farmer’s Market!  We’ll be there hoping to see you tomorrow morning from 8:00 – 12:00.

The last couple of weeks have seen fantastic growth in the garden.   So much so that it’s hard to select just one vegetable to focus on for you.  We have, literally, the first-fruits of the summer season vegetables:  Summer squash including the first Tondo Scuro zucchini, lemon cucumber, green beans, Purple Royalty snap beans, new red and yukon gold potatoes, fingerling potatoes, and Sweet Texas onions.   We also still have some of the spring lettuce, arugula, Bloomsdale spinach and baby kale and a few fresh crisp kohlrabi.

Quantities are limited as some of the plants are truly just beginning to produce as others are about at the end of the early spring cycle.   Hopefully I’ll manage to negotiate a truce (or win the battle outright) with the gopher who discovered how good our beans are.     There are lots of green tomatoes and the first blooms on the Burgandy Okra.   Looks like it’s going to be a great summer at the market!

See you tomorrow!