Herding Bees

Sort of like cats, only there are a LOT more of them and they can be pretty testy when they think you are getting too personal. This week we started doing the spring manipulations that…Continue Reading

Loving those heirlooms

People frequently want to know why we go to the trouble to grow heirloom vegetables. After all, many of the new hybrids are easier to grow and harvest. Today’s hybrids have been ‘improved’ to produce…Continue Reading

Spring flowers

 The bees are already out working the flowers on warm days. Some of these we just don’t appreciate the way they do. Here are a couple we might overlook. Just an aside – they are…Continue Reading

Spring planting?!?

So you ARE getting ready for spring, right?   It’s almost mid-October!   Yes, we are cleaning up from last summer, harvesting fall veggies and getting bee hives ready for winter…… And starting spring planting. Now is…Continue Reading