First CSA week!

This week was the first CSA delivery for BOTH of the local CSA’s.   Is it confusing enough for you?  Sure made Tuesday interesting at the Gopher Knoll garden.

Week 1 May 3 2016

We grow for our own Gopher Knoll CSA, providing weekly shares to our subscribers that are grown entirely in our own heirloom garden.  Each week, the box contains somewhere between 8 and 12 different vegetables.   Some varieties are familiar and others are heirlooms from around the world.   All are grown with no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and with much attention to soil health.   We take a lot of pleasure in producing great food that is both unique and delicious.

We try to rotate the veggies included in our box every week so our customers have a lot of variety – but always try to include something from each group:  leafy greens, root vegetables and fruiting vegetables, along with berries and melons in season.  And we often include fresh herbs, as well.

Yes, it really is all grown in our own garden here in Athens.

It’s a LOT of work – and a LOT of fun!

We also grow extra of some veggies to contribute to a second local CSA startup called Deep Roots CSA.   This is a cooperative effort of three different local farms (Gopher Knoll, Chandler Family Farm and Hwy. 19 Produce and Berries)  with offerings more generally familiar to East Texas traditions.  Check that one out at

On top of that, you’ll find our seasonal produce at Railway Cafe in Athens  and The Forge in Ben Wheeler, where chefs Justin Boswell and Sara Briscoe are outstanding supporters of local farmers, and in the fabulous juices and treats provided by Balance Juicery in Mabank.  I think I speak for all our local market gardeners when I say we are super grateful for their encouragement (not to mention the outstanding dishes they create with it all!)

And a final shout-out to all of you who attend the local Farmer’s Markets, sign up for CSAs, and look for truly locally grown produce in the grocery stores.   When you vote with your dollars, you are actually creating our local food network.   It could never happen without you!

Thank you!


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