Fall Garden – Fall CSA

We hope you’ve had a great summer!  Ours has been pretty busy, but we’ve found time for family and fun, too.

lower garden 2

Lower garden at Gopher Knoll – getting ready for fall

We had just enough summer to remind us that we live in Texas, before a cool front found its way south and brought a break in the triple digit temperatures and very welcome rain.  Extra welcome, because summer heat and sanity not withstanding, fall / winter gardens have to be started in August.

To our everlasting amazement and gratitude, some garden-loving friends have come out and helped keep the work on schedule.   Many thanks to Sara, Faith and Maeajea and her sweet friend who have come to help plant and pick and pull, even when the days have been hot.  You’ll never know how much your willing hands have worked to keep us encouraged!

With all that help, the fall garden is shaping up to be pretty remarkable!  Fall plantings of squash and melons are already setting  fruit.  Okra, peppers and eggplant are still in summer production and should be with us for some time to come.  Black-eyed peas, Red Ripper peas and sweet potatoes are just hitting their stride.   Butter peas are blooming.

The first plantings of green beans are in the ground, along with fall potatoes, green onions and carrots.  Late cucumbers are just starting up the trellis.  The first lettuce mix, fresh kale and  Japanese spinach are sprouting  under the shade cloth along with salad turnips and rutabaga.  Beets and Sugar Ann sweet peas are next to plant.

greenhouse starts

Seedlings are in the greenhouse for so many more!  And that’s just at Gopher Knoll!

We’ll be partnering this fall with Chandler Family Farm and Highway 19 North Produce to offer an expanded fall CSA through our Deep Roots CSA cooperative.    Working together, we hope to offer a wonderful variety of fresh produce to our community  almost year-round.

The fall CSA will kick off October 4 and run for 12 weeks – ending just before Christmas!  Your holiday meals will have never been healthier or tasted better than when you serve truly fresh, organically grown, local produce!

If you already know you’d like to join, feel free to sign up through Gopher Knoll – click HERE  or through  Deep Roots CSA –  click HERE.   Either one will put your name on the list and you’ll receive an email with all the details.

Not sure how a CSA works?  We’ll be hosting a meet-up in September so you’ll have a chance to meet the farmers and ask questions directly.  Stay tuned for details.  We’ll let you know time and place as soon as we can.

We’ll look forward to the visit!



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