It was a very good year!

My apologies for leaving you all without updates for so long.   It’s been a busy year, filled with new learning and new decisions about direction for the garden.  I love having things to learn every day!  But sometimes the learning curve leaves me feeling like I’m climbing an endlessly tall mountain with no expectation of ever reaching the top.  You know what I mean?

Anyway – lots of new is in the offing this year and it’s time to share it with you all!

Our trial run of forming a three-farm, cooperative CSA program was very successful!  Thanks to working with two remarkable farmers (okay, one farmer and one farmher) who have lots of energy and lots of vision, we are ready to expand this year and make this program easier and more accessible to a larger part of our community.


May I introduce, left to right, myself (Barbara), Jennifer Chandler of Chandler Family Farm in Mabank and Bobby Bever of Highway 19 Produce and Berries, in Athens.  Aren’t we the motley crew?!

This new co-op is called Deep Roots CSA,  because we all have deep roots in this community and a heart to serve it well.   You’ll find the newest information officially at the CSA website, which we are frantically working to update, as we speak:    A little patience is still required here, since it isn’t quite ready yet.  I’ll let you know as soon as it is live.   But here are the highlights of the changes we are making:

  • More choice in size and price of a membership to include a personal size share
  • Reduced prices – as little as $16/week for a personal size share
  • Expanded offerings – you’ll have greater variety in each share  and also
  • Add-ons of fresh, pastured eggs, fresh herbs and eventually pastured meats and honey to be delivered with your share each week, if you choose
  • A newly developed website offering more information about each veggie, how to store it and use it (patience, please.  We’re working really hard to bring this to you, and I’ll let you know when it goes live.)
  • Easier to access lists of great, fresh recipes to tempt the palate
  • A weekly on-line newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the farms and the harvest
  • Sign-up online and pay with a credit card, if you prefer.  Low tech sign-ups are still available, too.  Just give us a call and we’ll work it out with you.
  • Expanded access – we will fill as many as 100 shares this year!!

Spring CSA will start March 27 and we hope to offer sign-ups as early as this coming week.   Excitement doesn’t begin to describe the feeling!

The Gopher Knoll website will be changing, too.   Rather than focusing on the CSA, this will become an even better way to communicate with gardening friends who might like to follow along with what is happening in the Gopher Knoll garden.  What problems (gophers!!) we are facing this week and how we are handling them, what chores need to be done, which seeds we are planting and where we stand on the learning curve for the week.

This year is seeing the expansion of our fruit and herb gardens with new blackberries and fruit trees (figs, pomegranate and cherry added to the orchard), and an expanded apiary for the honey bees.

There will be lots to learn.  Lots to share.  We’re hoping you’ll share your ideas, too.

Hope you stay tuned!


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