Bring it on!

We missed you all!  So, even though the garden is still feeling woozy from the hot summer, we’ll be at market with some of the hardiest of the spring produce (would you believe we still have fresh onions?!) along with some new summer fare.

How about a bit of beautiful Malabar spinach?  Toss it with fresh arugula, sliced sweet peppers, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and a sweet vinagrette for a unique summer salad.  Or find peppers  for just the right hot (serrano, jalapeno, anaheim or habanero) – or not (bell, cubanelle and marconi)  green salsa!  Yes, the first of the tomatillos will be ready this week.

We’ll have a few eggplant, red ripper peas, burgundy okra, kale and some super-sweet Sugar Baby watermelons.  Not a lot of each veggie as many of the plants just don’t produce quite as well in the heat, so shop early while the choices are better and the morning is cool.

I guess summer gardens aren’t so bad, after all.

See you Saturday!