Curious about Kohlrabi

That weird looking vegetable in your CSA box and at the market stand.  The one that looks like an alien spaceship.  Or maybe the vegetable version of an octopus.  You know.  The one that is too strange to take a chance on……


It’s kohlrabi.

And not trying it would be a mistake, because kohlrabi has made the superfood list for it’s combination of super nutrition (it may help lower blood pressure and support healthy hearts) and great flavor.  You can delve into the details of nutrition by clicking HERE.

You may have received either Green or Purple kohlrabi and they are just the same – once they are peeled, that is.  We plant both in our garden because green kohlrabi tends to be ready for harvest about 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the purple.  Planting both extends the season for one of our favorite veggies.

Part of the cabbage family, it has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that complements almost any meal or stands on its own as a snack food.

As you would with a root vegetable, the first step to prepare or store your kohl is to remove the leaf stems.  They will break off easily at their base.  Clean and save them as you would kale or collard greens.  They can be used exactly the same way and have a pleasant flavor somewhat reminiscent of broccoli.

If you want to store the kohlrabi for a while, it will keep on a counter top for 3-5 days or in the crisper section of your refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

To use, you’ll want to peel off the outer tough skin with a paring knife or potato peeler.  The white, tender, inner portion can be cut into matchsticks for snacking or shredded and used raw in salads or coleslaw. You’ll find some great pictures if you click HERE.

You might also slice it thinly to add to a stir-fry or cube it and add to soups or stews.  As with all things, a quick internet search for recipes will most definitely bring you a variety of ideas.

I do hope you’ll give this super-vegetable a try.  It isn’t just healthy.  It’s really good eating!

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