Fall Festivities

Don’t look for us downtown this week.   We’ll be out at the East Texas Arboretum celebrating the Fall Festival!  We’re bringing the last of summer and the first of the fall garden.

Pumpkins!   Ours are all edible types, even though they’re also decorative.  Fairytale,  Mammoth and a few pie pumpkins.

Fresh picked today:  Edamame soybeans, burgundy okra, long purple and white eggplant, red ripper peas, Contender green beans, peppers of all kinds – hot and sweet.  First time this week:  Ancho San Marin peppers – a mildly hot pepper just right for rellenos or stuffing.  Kale, arugula, and sweet and Thai basil.

We even have a few late summer watermelons – iced down for a grand end-of-summer celebration.

See you at the arboretum!