National Farmer’s Market Week

And I’ll be celebrating it – but not at the market.  We’ll be missing for another couple of weeks while we take care of some very important family time.  We’ll be back, though.  And I thought I’d show you some of what is coming when we are!

Some of our veggies are not at all happy with the heat and dry weather.  Tomatoes don’t want to set fruit as readily (although some of the Cherokee Purples are still fighting through it), greens like Kale take on a stronger flavor, and some of the melons and peppers simply sunburn before they are ripe.

But others, like these beautiful organic tomatillos, love the heat and are just waiting for their time to become a part of your favorite green salsa or maybe even this tomatillo-avocado dip! (Click here for the recipe.)   Isn’t it handy that this is also the time of summer to find the jalapeno and serrano chiles for that recipe?

Even though we won’t be seeing you this Saturday, we’ll still be taking fresh veggies for Meet the Market II.  This is your chance to visit with some of the local farmers and crafters from the market and sample dishes created especially for the occasion by our friend and supporter, Justin Boswell, chef and owner of Railway Cafe in Athens.  He’ll have fresh veggies from our garden as well as others to work with.  It’s always a treat to see what Justin will do with a treasure-trove of goodness.  

Meet the Market II will be held at the Railway Cafe on Friday, August 3 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Thanks for supporting the market!  We’ll see you again, soon!