New Year’s Garden

photo (41)

We left you hanging last year, when family needs overwhelmed our schedule.  The hoped for year-round garden didn’t happen.    But never fear!  We started New Year’s day to rebuild.  Better.  Faster.  Stronger.   Or maybe that was a different story.  At any rate, expanding the size of the garden (yes, it’s growing again),  upgrades to the drip irrigation system, soil testing, compost spreading, seed starting…  all those things are getting us ready for a really exciting spring.

Watch for updates to the “Is it ready yet?” page.  That one is under construction pending all the new varieties we have in store this year.  Like the chef’s choice heirloom San Marzano sauce tomatoes that will join our wonderful black heirlooms, two new varieties of okra, a new snap bean, squashes we’ve never seen in East Texas groceries, gourmet ‘cipollini’ type onions and maybe even a try at a Cassabanana.  Yes, we’ll keep old favorites around, too.

We’ll also try to keep our garden log online to help answer those questions about how we grow our veggies and what we do to meet the challenges of bringing new goodies to our East Texas supporters.  I’ll let you know when that is ready to publish.

First spring greens, like the baby mustard greens pictured above, should be ready mid-March.  See you then!