Questions to ask about a CSA?

Organic Gardening magazine has a good article about CSA membership.    Pros and Cons.  Things to think about.  Questions to ask.

I hope you’ll read it and then come back here and ask your questions.

Your questions and comments, along with comments from our first year customers, will help us to create a CSA for our own community that fits our own needs.

It can’t be done without you.

Click HERE to read the article.

2 thoughts on “Questions to ask about a CSA?”

  1. Very good article. Didn’t leave anything out. I think the quantity you have given us is just about right. I like to freeze, dry, can, etc. all the extras to have in the winter when the pickings will be slim. The shares you have given us are always so clean and well organized and labeled. I appreciate the recipes and ideas you sometimes send for unusual items. It is nice to learn about veggies we haven’t seen before. Your price seems very fair after I go to the store and see the terrible prices we are paying for conventionally grown food. I also appreciate the fact that you always give us a fair share of something even if you have a crop failure or “slim pickin’s”. I would be glad to talk to anyone to discuss how happy we have been with your CSA.

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