Second Monday!

Well, we missed the first one – so we’ll be at market THIS weekend!

The garden is finally looking good, although things are growing more slowly than usual due to the amount of rain and lack of sunshine.  We did get to pick the first good mess of beans this morning!

Wish I could post a picture, but the photos won’t upload to the website right now.  I’ll try again to get a slide show up later on.

We’ll have lots of spring greens at market this weekend – along with beautiful spring onions and green garlic.  There will be Mervielles des quatre saison (4-season marvel) lettuce.  Crisp mint romaine and the deep red “garnet rose” romaine.  Some beautiful butterhead lettuce and another called Ice Queen.   The last of the mache (corn salad).  This will be the only time this spring we’ll have these lettuces, as the weather will simply be too warm for them after this.   I’ll make up a few bags of spring mixed greens including some bloomsdale spinach, new zealand spinach, arugula, mizuna, & corn salad.

We’ll have a beautiful kale mix including scarlet kale, dutch blue curly, lacinato and red russian.

Lots of delicious swiss chard!

Will also have some fresh herbs –  parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, peppermint, spearmint and dill.  Get some good pickling cukes from the good folk at Hwy 19 Produce (they’ll be at market, too) and pick up some fresh dill to make those perfect pickles.

And some tomato starts – I had extra of the Texas Wild tomato.  This is the only tomato I know of that actually has acclimated to growing wild in Texas – which means it tolerates our heat and normally dry conditions.   The Texas Wild is a currant tomato, producing a very small and tasty fruit.  Unlike other tomatoes, it is insect pollinated and will need to be planted apart from other tomato plants if you plan to save seed.

And finally will have starts for your herb garden.  German chamomile, echinacea purpura, Thai basil and sweet basil.  Interplanting herbs among your tomatoes and squash may well help to repel some of the bugs.

As usual, we don’t have large quantities of any given thing (except maybe swiss chard), so come early for best choice.

See you in the morning!

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