Seed-Starting 101

Wish you knew how to start your own heirloom seeds for your own garden?

Greenhouse seedlings
Greenhouse seedlings

We’ll be doing a hands-on workshop on Saturday, Feb 21 at Athens Organic Supply on Hwy 31 E in Athens.  1:00 – 3:00 PM.

Cost will be $30 ea. and you’ll go home with a full flat (36) of properly sown, ready to grow seeds of your choice of appropriate veggies.

We’ll talk about how to select seeds appropriate for our gardening climate and your own gardening style, how to choose or make a seed-starting mix, how to transplant into larger pots or into the garden, which veggies to start inside and which to plant directly into the garden, how / when to water, and anything else that comes to mind.

After the hands-on part, those who are interested will be invited to visit the Gopher Knoll garden.   Of course, it isn’t all that pretty right now, but you’ll see how we use our drip irrigation and fertigation (organic fertilizers dripped in with the water right to the root zone of the plant.)   And you’ll see how we use different weights of floating row cover to increase germination of difficult seeds, protect from freeze and keep the bugs at bay.

Class is limited to 12, so we’ll have plenty of time to chat and answer questions.

This promises to be a lot of fun!   Hope to see you there!

[Edit:  I guess I posted too fast!  You can register by calling Athens Organic Supply at (903) 675-1999.]

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  1. Faith, the best way is to call Athens Organic at (903) 675-1999 to reserve a spot. Pay at the class the morning of…..

    So glad to have you there!!

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