Snow and Ice

All I can say is, we do live in East Texas.   Weather was in the 70’s.  Then the low 20’s.  It rained and snowed and froze and then did it again.  And that was just last week.

kohlrabi in the snow

This little kohlrabi found a way to peek up through the row cover and snow to reassure me that all would be well in the garden.  And we know it will.

However, the wet and cold have slowed growth and kept us from planting as much as we would like.  Potatoes are not yet in the ground and most of the seeds we put out under row cover will wait patiently for some warmth before they decide to venture out into the world.

All this means that we will need to start the CSA a little later than we’d hoped.   We’ll still have some greens ready toward the end of March – but not enough variety to support the weekly boxes.  Once the weather warms and we see more growth, we’ll try to predict another start date.  Mother Nature is on our side – so I’m not complaining.  We’re being blessed with extra rain and there is much hope that this will lead to a long, gentle spring.

There is still good time to start tomato and pepper seedlings, as well as many others, for your spring garden.  If you’d like some help with that, the last hands-on workshop will be at Athens Organic Supply at 1:00 PM on March 7.   You can call Athens Organic at (903) 675-1999 to reserve your spot.  Cost for this one is $30.00.  You’ll go home with a full flat of heirloom veggies of your choice (from the Gopher Knoll seed stock) worth $36 – $54 (depending on your selections.)

I’ll also be talking about “Soil Preparation” for your garden at 10:30 that morning at the Home & Garden Show out at the Henderson County Fair Grounds.   Lots of Master Gardeners are presenting talks during the show and these talks are all free.   You’ll also find the Master Gardener booth to be a wealth of free info and great advice.  Hope you’ll stop by!

Stay warm and dry for a few more days – and we’ll hope to see you this weekend!

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