Stocking the store

We missed market last Saturday, so you might have missed getting your fix of heirloom goodies for the week.   If so, you’ll find them waiting for you at Dana’s Health Food, 505 S. Palestine St., Athens.    We harvested this morning, and it’s already in the cooler there – so fresh, you’ll think you picked it yourself!

Dutch Blue Curly Kale
Dutch Blue Curly Kale

Dutch Kale, New Zealand Spinach, Swiss Chard, Japanese Eggplant, Okra, Bell peppers, “Hatch” chili peppers, San Marzano sauce tomatoes, cantaloupe and Crimson Sweet watermelon are there this morning.

Red Ripper peas will be there tomorrow.

Recipes are on the table.  Let me know if you can’t find one you need.

Space at Dana’s is limited, so I’ll be checking often this week to keep it stocked.   I try to be there by noon, at the latest, with the morning harvest.

This weekend, we expect to be back at the Farmer’s Market.  See you there!