Strange Beauty

Every year we look for something unique to grow in the garden.   This year, we picked a winner in the Chinese Red Noodle Bean.


Also known as Asparagus bean, Snake bean (for pretty obvious reasons) or Yard Long bean, it is a well known ingredient in Asian and Indian dishes.   It does make a fine ingredient in my use-whatever-is-in-the-garden country stir-fry.

The beans have a nice, almost nutty, green-bean flavor, even though it is more closely related to black-eyed peas than green beans.  The bright red color is pretty eye-catching and unlike many of the red veggies, the color remains when sauteed or pickled.

Chop it into small 2 – 3 inch long pieces and cook just as you would green beans, add it to a stir fry, or leave it whole, drizzle a little olive oil on it and throw it on the grill.  Such a beautiful bean deserves to be appreciated!

Watch for them at the Railway Cafe in Athens.  Chef Justin Boswell got a few last week and I can’t wait to see what he does with them!



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