Summer Garden

I know I can’t complain about the heat.  We’ve had such a mild summer so far and I’m very grateful.  Still, gardening has to be done in the early morning.  I’m slowing down considerably by 10:30 or 11:00 and done by noon.

You’d think the plants would be done, too, but there is so much still producing – and some heat-loving plants like okra and peas just now hitting their stride.  Gardens are awesome like that.  There is always something that just loves whatever season we are in!

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Somehow I missed taking pictures of the Dutch Blue kale – which is the workhorse of this garden – and the Chinese Red Noodle Beans that are just beginning to bloom again.  I’m sure I missed other things, too.

We will have lots of melons down at Dana’s this week.  I hope you’ll take advantage!   These are some of the best we’ve had in a couple of years!  Wonderful flavor!

The Red Ripper peas are just now coming off – we had our first dinner of peas, “Hatch” pepper cornbread, and cantaloupe last night.  It’s one of our favorite ‘comfort’ meals that brings all the pleasure of the garden together.   Red Rippers are our favorite heirloom southern pea.

The Cherokee Purple tomatoes had a short production this year and are almost gone already, but other heirlooms are still producing beautifully.  Green Zebra, Amana Orange and our favorite San Marzanos are just now ripening.  There will be a lot of sauce-making going on the next week or two.   You can look for these at Dana’s, as well.    About 20 tomatoes (3 lbs) will make about a quart of homemade tomato sauce using our recipe.    We’ll leave some recipes there, too.  Very easy!

There are only two weeks left in our first CSA season!   It’s been such fun!  And such a great learning experience!  Thanks so much to all who took part in it!

After that, we will have only a few veggies down at Dana’s during August while we take some family time off.

If you’d be interested in joining us for a short fall CSA – probably 8 weeks from Sept 15 to Oct 30 – please let us know.   Planting for that season is happening now, so we need to know how much demand there will be for fall veggies.   Click HERE to find out what it’s all about.

And thank you for being such wonderful supporters!   You make it all such fun!

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