You know it’s really summer

When the OKRA is ready!


We have three special heirloom varieties for you this year.  On the left is the great Hill Country Red.  Yep, that’s Texas Hill Country.  It makes a fine, crisp fried okra, if that’s your style.  This is also the variety I used to make the Cheese and Bacon Okra Poppers.   The recipe for that is available at the market.   Don’t be misled by its stocky shape.  We cut it young and tender.

In the center is Stewart’s Zeebest.  I know why they call it zee best.  It’s tender enough and tasty enough to enjoy it raw in your salad.  I’m thinking I’ll put some in the dehydrator and make some okra snacks for those cold winter days when okra is only a dream.  This one would also be super for pickling or okra and tomato stew.

On the right is our hallmark Burgundy Okra.  It became one of our favorite varieties last year and it still is.  As tasty as it is beautiful; great fried or pickled or any other way you enjoy your okra.  Except now, it’s so hard to choose……

We’ll have Fengyuan long purple Japanese Eggplant and the beautiful Rosa Bianca Eggplant.   Texas grown “Hatch” chili peppers, Bell pepper, Fingerling potatoes, Kale, and Swiss Chard.

Did I forget to mention the heirloom tomatoes?   Oh, yeah.  They’re still producing and still beautiful!  We’ll bring Cherokee Purple and Black Krim.  Some little Black Cherry and Hartmann’s Gooseberry salad tomatoes.  And for the real chefs in the audience, San Marzano sauce tomatoes.   I guess we’ll need to bring plenty of fresh Basil for the sauce, too.

I’m sure I forgot to list something, but we’ll have to wait until Saturday to figure out what it was.   See you then.  🙂