The bees are already out working the flowers on warm days. Some of these we just don’t appreciate the way they do. Here are a couple we might overlook. Just an aside – they are more after pollen than nectar right now. Pollen is the protein source they use to raise baby bees for the honey flow that will begin in just a couple more weeks.

How about the elm trees? This week my car is dusted each morning with yellow elm pollen. Thank goodness I’m not allergic to it – and my sympathy for those who are…..

How about the tiny henbit that is blooming profusely right now?  It is so small, we generally overlook it.  It produces a red pollen the beekeepers will see coming into the hives. Different varieties of pollen make for healthier bees.

My favorite this morning are the dandelions. The bees are rolling around the flowers like puppies playing in the grass. Collecting pollen from these beautiful stamen!

The wild calary pear trees are just beginning to bloom, too. In a couple of weeks, the East Texas countryside will be white with blossoms from these and the wild plums – and the beehives will be exploding with activity!

Calary pear blossom. January 25, 2019. Henderson County, TX.

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  1. Love the clover honey we purchased at the Athens Farmers Market this past weekend. We can wait to pick up some more!

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