New Picks from the garden

This week we introduce a bit of French sunshine with the little Soleil bean.  Bright yellow, thin and tender.  A beautiful complement to any summer meal!

Also, for the first time, our Red Ripper southern peas.  I had read in Howard Garrett’s book, Texas Gardening the Natural Way, that this is the best tasting of all the southern peas.  When I heard the same from several long-time organic farmers, I had to try them.  Glad I did!  I cooked a batch with our sweet Texas onion and a bit of an all-natural sausage and it made a fine summer dinner – one we’ll be enjoying often.

We have Anaheim, Jalapeno and Cubanelle peppers to spice up your favorite salsa, a few of the great heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, sweet onions, sweet corn, carrots, yukon gold and red potatoes, green and purple snap beans, burgundy okra, squashes of all kinds and, of course, our summer kale and some very peppery arugula.

The rain we got this week was just what the garden needed to set a bumper crop for the coming weeks.  Everything is looking great!

See you at the market!