Our sincere thanks to everyone for your concern about the garden (and us) after last night’s storm.   I’m not sure if that was a record setting downpour, but we’ve certainly never seen one quite like it.

rain gauge.

I understand we had just over 10″ locally.  Can’t tell for sure, since our 5″ rain gauge topped out somewhere along the way.

Bunny fence

We will be moving a lot of dirt from where it landed at the bottom of the garden back to the top.

Rain damage May 2015

The cucumbers will be grateful.  They’re hanging on to what’s left for dear life right now.

If we dry out just a bit today (hopefully the next rain will hold off until tomorrow evening, at least, we are expecting to have CSA boxes filled and delivered on time in the morning.   Will let you know if that needs to change.

Our thoughts and prayers for all who have been hurt and are dealing with real damage from this.  Especially neighbors in the Van area.  Y’all stay safe.  And dry.

Reader Comments

  1. We have the same gauge. We emptied it at 5.5″ about midnight, while the rain was still coming down. We had an additional inch the next morning. Our driveway is barely drivable, major gullies on both sides! There was a yellow spot on the NOAA radar loop that passed just to out east, heading north. About the time it reached the Van Zandt County line it changed to a compact red dot. It never showed a hook but it did spawn the tornado that walloped Van! So close!

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