Market on the 4th!

And what better way to start the celebration than by meeting friends at the market!


We’ll have lots of blueberries and wild blackberries in the morning!

A few of the great heirloom tomatoes – Cherokee Purple and Black Krim.   Cherry tomatoes – Ildi (a little yellow burst of sweet) and my favorite – Texas Wild tomatoes.  

The Texas Wild is a ‘currant’ type tomato and is the only one I know of growing naturally in Texas.  The size is small – but the flavor is Texas size!

Peppers:  Pasillo Bajio (the traditional pepper for mole), Cayenne, Pepperoncino

Herbs: Sweet Basil, Peppermint, spearmint, sage, lemon balm and lemon grass.  

Potted herbs:  Lemon Balm and Calendula

Hope we see you there!