The garden is finally beginning to produce a little bigger quantity, so we’ll be making an extra market this month!

May 15 garden

Look for just a few New Potatoes to go with the fresh Dragon Tongue beans or French beans.   Some of the last Lettuce of the spring season that are still sweet and fresh.  Spring Onions – reds, whites and texas sweets along with some pretty red scallions.

We’ll have Kohlrabi – purple and green, Scarlet and Dutch Blue Curly Kale – still tender and sweet.  A new (to us) kale called “Tronchuda” has a large flat leaf that is perfect for sandwich wraps or ‘cabbage’ rolls. And Swiss Chard, of course.

I’ll bring some bunches of cilantro, parsley, oregano and peppermint, chocolate mint and spearmint.  Edited 1/11/19

And I’ll have a couple more of the Thai Roselle plants for your own garden.  This is a member of the hibiscus family which produces a flower calyx that is used for a healthy herbal tea.  You can find more information about that by clicking HERE.

As always, there isn’t a lot of any given thing.  Come early for best selection.  I know it must sound like a really trite sales pitch when I say that – but really….

Hope to see you there!

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