Just want you to know there are silver linings behind all those rain clouds we had for so long.

bull nettle

One might be that really difficult ‘weeds’ like bull-nettle are much easier to dig out when the ground is so soft.

Not easy, mind you.  Just easier.

We had to dig this one now because sweet potatoes are waiting to be planted right there.

Another plus would be the pretty Cherokee Purple tomatoes in the background.  They have such a great set of fruit this year, thanks, in part, to the cooler weather.  They are not quite ready for market yet, but getting close.  By next First Monday weekend, we’ll have plenty of heirloom tomatoes for you.

We won’t wait that long to see you again, though.  We’ll be at market this weekend, too!

Lots of good heirlooms are already ready!    By Friday,  we should be able to drive past the mud-holes and down to the garden to pick up harvest.

This weekend, we’ll have new potatoes – Purple Majesty, Mountain Rose and Fingerling potatoes.  Quite the treat for the eyes as well as the palate.  Purple Majesty, in particular, has the highest level (among potatoes) of chemicals called anthocyanins – the anti-oxidants that help our bodies repair damage from sun and stress.

We’ll have Texas sweet, white bermuda, and sweet red onions as well as some red scallions.  We’ll harvest a few of the smaller garlics, too.

Rat-tail radish will be back this week!  This is the aerial radish we introduced last year.  We eat the seed-pod rather than the root.  They have the bite and crispness of a radish in a finger-friendly package.   We’ll have some for sampling, as well as some kohlrabi.   This will be our last week to offer kohlrabi until fall.  Hope you won’t miss the chance to try it.

We’ll have New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard, a small amount of Scarlet, Dutch Blue and Lacinato kale.   Some huge, beautiful Frisee endive.

Plenty of fresh herbs:  oregano, thyme, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, dill, sage, and cilantro.

Hope we get to see you there!



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